Opera to Go!

Opera to Go! Group photo - Click for Hi-res.

Do you want that for here, or Opera to Go!?

Opera to Go! is the education ensemble of the Houston Grand Opera that brings opera to schools (K-7) in the Houston area.
Shown here is the ensemble for the 2004-2005 school year.  From left to right we are:
Adrian Porter, stage director;
Kade Smith, music director/manager;
David Paxton, tenor;
Todd Trebour, baritone;
me, Dennis Arrowsmith, bass;
Nicole Sikora, soprano;
Shelley Auer, mezzo-soprano;
Bruce Power, accompanist.
Opera to Go! is sponsored by:
A I M Investments
City of Houston through the Cultural Arts Council of Houston
      / Harris County Texas
Commission on the Arts through the Cultural Arts Council
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
John P. McGovern Foundation
Lee and Joseph D. Jamail Foundation
Lynne Murray, Sr. Education Foundation
Robert W., Sr. & Pearl Wallis Knox Charitable Foundation
Rockwell Fund, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank
William E. and Natoma Pyle Harvey Charitable Trust

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Opera to Go! is company-in-residence at the Houston Community College - Central Campus, Fine Arts Department.

Costume designs by: Andrew Cloud

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Velveteen Rabit set

The Velveteen Rabbit
(August 30 - December 17, 2004)

Velveteen Rabit bows
The Bunny and the Boy - ©HGO

Composer: Mary Carol Warwick
Librettist: Kate Pogue

"Real" is a magical word to the Velveteen Rabbit -- he doesn't know quite what it means.  But the Rocking Horse, who is old and wise, knows, and he shares the secret: being real means being loved.  Margery Williams's classic story of how a boy's love transforms a velveteen rabbit into a real one has resonated in the hearts of children for over 75 years.  The perfect story for any child who cherishes a stuffed animal -- and believes in magic.
Dennis as a bunny

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The Princess and the Pea cast

The Princess and the Pea
(January 18-28, 2005)
World Premiere!

The Princess and the Pea scene

This world premiere adapted from the classic story by Hans Christian Anderson is retold with exciting and colorful music composed by Mary Carole Warwick and through the comic eye of librettist Mary Ann Pendino.  A true comic opera of a heart-sick Prince searching for love in all the wrong places, his cantankerous mother, and a beautiful Princess who against all odds finds her way into the hearts of the Kingdom.  Read all about it in the Houston Chronicle.

The Princess and the Pea - ©HGO

the princess and the pea - artwork by Edwin Rodriguez
Artwork for The Princess and the Pea 
World Premiere T-shirt by Edwin Rodriguez.

Hilda and EsperanzaDragon, Princess and Ogre

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Cinderella, get to work!

Cinderella in Spain
Cinderella en España
(February 14 - June 15, 2005)

Composer: Mary Carol Warwick
Librettist: Kate Pogue

The Prince and the King
Announcement in the market

A wicked stepmother; the original mean girls; an enchanting young woman; a handsome prince.  This bilingual opera is based on the Spanish version of the classic fairy tale.  The magical story of Cinderella as she is transformed from a simple muchacha into a captivating princesa.

You want to go to the ball?
Isabella on the floor
Do you want to live in the palace?

Cinderella - ©HGO

At the Ball
Cinderella in Spain finale

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